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  • DOE IPv6 transition contract banner

    KriaaNet has won a subcontract for the transition to the IPv6 Project of the Department of Energy

    KriaaNet has won a subcontract for transition to the IPv6 Project from the Support Services Contractor to the Department of Energy(DOE) Office of Legacy Management  KriaaNet is providing IPv6 Architecture, Design, Training and Planning for DOE.  KriaaNet is delivering following four tasks to help with the OMB IPv6 mandate. The Office of Management and Budget…


  • WMATA for cisco ACI implementation contract banner

    KriaaNet was awarded a sub-contract for Cisco ACI fabric multi-site Implementation and Migration by WMATA

    KriaaNet have been awarded a sub-contract by Washington Metro Transit Authority (WMATA) for Cisco ACI fabric multi-site Implementation and Migration. For the Washington Metro Authority, KriaaNet as a sub-contractor provided design and connectivity configuration for 3 Data centers, one of them was at Equinix Facility (78 racks), and the other two were at a customer facility. The KriaaNet team…


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